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At the Pastorino Team, our mission is to shake up the real estate industry by offering innovative bundling services that seamlessly integrate both real estate and lending solutions. We aim to redefine the real estate experience by providing unparalleled service, expert guidance, and unwavering integrity to every client. Our commitment to empowering individuals and families to achieve their real estate goals is exemplified through personalized solutions tailored to their unique needs. With a relentless dedication to excellence, we strive to exceed expectations, build lasting relationships, and make dreams a reality in every transaction. Together, we're revolutionizing the industry, one bundled service at a time.


Gene with the Pastorino Team in a group photo with team partners.

We've partnered with trusted industry leaders like Barrett Real Estate, American Title, AZ Residential Home Inspections, and Western Mutual Homeowners Insurance, to offer comprehensive bundled services. By leveraging our network of reputable partners, we streamline the real estate process and provide clients with exclusive benefits and cost-saving opportunities. Through our bundled services, clients not only benefit from the convenience of a one-stop-shop experience but also enjoy significant savings on various fees and expenses associated with buying or selling a home. From reduced closing costs to discounted insurance premiums, our collaborative approach ensures that clients maximize their savings while receiving top-notch service at every step of the journey.

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